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Tor-X Chassis Brace
for E-Revo/Brushless and Summit
The TVR Tor-X is a chassis brace specially designed for the Traxxas Revo and Summit.
Motivations behind this project: When we were testing the TVR Ball-X, we broke the Revo chassis on almost every testing. This is not only frustatraing, but a time waster.

The chassis of the Revo and Summit flex too much.

The TVR Tor-X is developed to eliminate the problem once and for all.

Genuine Swiss 7075 aluminum alloy. CNC machined to the smallest Tolerance. Hard anodized for durability.

This piece of fine engineering is one of the most important upgrade you must have on the Revo and Summit.

Track time optimized! TVR has once again lengthen your fun!!
Anodized blue
Anodized blue

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